Monday, May 3, 2010

weekend planting

With the days getting warmer and feeling like spring and almost summer, more of our time has been spent outside enjoying the weather. I noticed our front patio area had been neglected for way too long and was in need of a little attention. The dead plants in the window boxes were quite an eye sore and what a difference live plants can do to a living area.
I had a lot of help with all the heavy lifting.
I chose drought tolerant plants to conserve water and, uh hum, because it is usually a drought with container plants and myself combined.
I set up the container and filled them with soil and tentatively placed the plants where I thought they would look good. My little helper was also hard at work rearranging them until they were just right. I love to watch her as she works and the best is when she stands back to survey her own work.
I showed her how to remove the plants from the pots, gently loosen the roots, and plant them in the soil. She is way too fast for me. Apparently she thought it was a race and she definitely won. It was nice because she turned this little job that could have taken over an hour into a 20 minute deal.

Next on the list for my little patio:
new cushions for the furniture
new plants in the big containers
set up umbrella and stand...

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