Saturday, October 23, 2010


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I'm loving, yes loving, the rain so much this year.
I feel like I am enjoying it more than I usually do. Maybe it is just perspective...or maybe it is just early in the season, but for whatever reason I want to hang onto this feeling and take it all in. We need the rain and maybe this has changed my attitude about rain. I find myself at the window quite often just mist makes my eyes feel like there are dots floating around...the splash of big raindrops and how it seems to freeze in time for just a split second...the roar on our back patio when the rain is dumping like Niagara Falls...the birds as they continue to busy themselves at a little quicker of a pace. Maybe I am just getting older and things that used to seem like an inconvenience on my life are now a blessing. I know I am getting older because my neck is still stiff after sneezing yesterday morning and completely throwing it out.
Well, I will take my stiff neck if it also brings an appreciation and contentment with what seems like endless rain.

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