Monday, October 25, 2010


The kids were both a little on the tired side when we headed out to Long Beach to do a little window shopping and sampling of foods on Saturday, so I wasn't sure how long we would last or how the evening would end. Sometimes a change of scenery for the kids is enough to distract them into having a good time. Luckily for all, that is exactly what happened.
I'm getting hungry just looking at these pictures. We enjoyed some tasty pho at Number Nine. The kids figured out that chopsticks make really good drumsticks. Our fellow diners where probably just as relieved as we were that the service is really quick. Next we met up with some good friends and meandered through some fun vintage stores. We dreamed about opening a bookstore/handmade craft store/coffee bar/lounge area/art gallery in 300 sqft. It's fun to dream. That dreaming did leave me thinking. While we were dreaming the kids had fun running around expending every last bit of energy left in them. They were both fast asleep before we even got to the freeway.
This weekend I also:
got some much needed planting done,
organized a few spaces in our house,
visited a couple estate sales,
tried a new recipe,
attended a soccer game,
and relaxed.
I love weekends!

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