Tuesday, November 16, 2010

update (the challenge)

Quite a few people have asked me how I am doing with my self challenge of not buying any new clothes for the entire year, so I thought I would share.  I have run into a couple of unforeseen bumps which have caused a couple of problems.
First of all, we live in Southern California where the weather is mild to say the least.  I think today we hit a high of 82 degrees.  Yes, today...in November...a week or so before Thanksgiving.  Wait, Thanksgiving is next week right?  I'm a little off right now with dates.  We are also a family who loves the beach and we are there many many days out of the year.  Well, when I started the challenge in January, I was not thinking about my swim suit situation.  I don't buy expensive suits because they get used and abused by, uh...me.  My suits should really only be worn for one year, but I try to stretch them for maybe two years.  Well, by the second year they are looking stretched.  So the first time I fell off the wagon was when I bought a new swim suit.  Just one, although I really needed about 3.  I was really thinking I was going to try to make a new one, but sadly that never happened.  I should start making one right now for next year.  Seriously, I'm writing it on my list to make right after Christmas.  I thought about a thrifted one for about 2 seconds then came to my senses.  I buy many previously loved items, but there is a line and a swim suit is way over that one for me. 
My second and last offense for the year can again be blamed on being a southern California girl.  In August we were full swing into summer.  This year was a cooler summer overall, but I was not thinking about jackets and scarves, which is exactly what I needed when we went on our trip up north to Monterey Bay.  The fog likes to hug the coast there and it was freezing cold by my standards.  I had packed summer dresses and short sleeved everything.  Thank goodness for Target.  When my toes were about to fall off the next time I bumped them, I felt only the slightest guilt about walking into Target and loading up on a jacket, a sweater and a long sleeved shirt. 
Failed.  I know, but I am actually feeling pretty good about how well I have done as we round the corner into the final stretch.
My only disappointment is that I only made one dress for myself.  At the beginning of the year I envisioned myself cranking out dresses on a weekly basis...not so.  Well, the year is not over, so I am trying to get myself inspired.
These amazing ones by Liza Rietz might do the trick.

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  1. Even though you may have hit a couple bumps, you're amazing to have only bought 4 new items!!! I don't buy too many items for myself, but I'm a bit over 4. ;-)


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