Monday, January 31, 2011

Fun on a Farm

 Last week Ella got to go on her first field trip and I was able to go along and help out.  The field trip was to a working farm.  I was in charge of 6 kids.  YIKES!!!  There is definitely a reason why I only have 2 kids of my own. 
We always daydream about one day living on a farm or a ranch surrounded by land and we were able to experience a little bit of our dream.  Ella loved every minute of it...I was a little distracted trying to keep an eye on all my kids.   
The day of the field trip I discovered that my camera battery was dead, so I had to take my point and shoot camera.  I was still able to capture a few good pictures.
 Her first bus ride.
 They learned about all the winter plants that are grown on a farm.
 They met all the different animals.
 Ella's favorite part of the whole field trip was milking the cow.
She would do just fine living on a farm.

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