Monday, February 21, 2011

They Match!

 I never thought that I would say that about these two, but this weekend I did make both of them pants out of the same fabric.  Both of these guys are sprouting and almost all of their pants are getting way too short.  I found this pinstripe fabric on the $1 rack at M & L Fabric a while ago, loved it, and bought all of it knowing I would find something to do with, they are now matching.  I'm not sure I really like having them wear them on the same day, but they didn't seem to mind at all.

 The fabric is pretty lightweight so I lined Julian's pants.  I made Ella's first and didn't get smart until I got to Julian's.  I lined his with nice soft T-shirt material.  I made both of them almost the same way that I make their pj pants.  For pj's I just make 2 panels that are cut on the fold, but I wanted these to fit a little nicer so I made them with 4 panels so that the front and the back are a slightly different and fit a little nicer.  I just used a pair of pants that fit them pretty good, folded it in half one way for the front panels, and cut out the pieces giving myself a seam allowance and a little more length plus the hem on the bottom, and a couple inches extra on top for the waistband.  Then I folded the pants the other way for the back and gave myself the same allowances as for the front panels.  Super easy even though my ultra-simplified instructions probably doesn't seem like all.  For much clearer instructions you can go here.  I'm a lazy sewer so I don't use pins and I don't iron so I cut out about 5 minutes off each pair of pants.  No, I have no idea how much time I eliminate if I do at all, I probably just make poor quality pants.  My kids don't complain though.

These pants look so comfy, I just might have to make myself a pair.

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