Wednesday, March 9, 2011

our someday farm...

someday we would love to have a little piece of land with acres and open space as far as the eye can see.  rolling hills, large shade trees, and a small stream with pools of water big enough for marco polo.  a big red barn, yes, it will most definitely have a big red barn.  the list of animals we are going to have on our someday farm is forever growing...monkeys and kangaroos can certainly live on our someday farm.  my list is well tapered to chickens, a milk cow and a couple of horses...oh yes, and our pups of course.  my large vegetable garden has been well thought out.  we will live off what we grow and share the rest with our not so close neighbors.  an orchard will cover some of our land and we will never be without lemons and fresh squeezed orange juice. 
our someday's fun to dream.

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