Tuesday, September 27, 2011

shooting on a bridge

this past weekend my friend and i set up a little shoot for this super duper cute family.  
  this is my little (okay, younger) brother, his beautiful wife and the littles.  they really are so cute.  i'm not just saying that because they are my family, they are such a genuinely sweet family.  i think they were just saying they have been together more years than they have been apart.  wow, that's really hard to put into words and actually make sense.  basically they started dating when they were about five...just about.
i love this one. 
 i missed the shot when my nephew was holding my brother's hand but i still really like the lighting and the way it turned out.  
this little rascal is just too cute.  she was getting tired of us...
but a couple of skittles helped out.
i have realized that editing pictures is really difficult for me.  i'm slow.  i have a hard time deciding when to stop.  i really just need to buy the totally rad actions.  i think it would speed everything up for me and i would be able to get a little more consistency with the feel of the pictures.  i think it is harder editing pictures for other people.  i love the vintage look of photographs, but i know that is not for everyone.  i still went ahead and played with this one.  
while i was at it i played with a couple of my own.  ahh, this looks so peaceful...so weird since this was the one minute of the whole afternoon that they were actually sitting still.  i think the next minute they were crawling on my head and tackling me.
such a fun afternoon!


  1. Great pics! You had quite the adorable family to work with!

  2. What a beautiful family. Such great pictures and location.

  3. Great pictures...I love the one where everyone is sitting and Sara is looking at Claire...too cute! And ugh, I have wanted totally rad actions for forever!!! Maybe for my birthday??? Fingers crossed! ;)

  4. You are a very talented photographer Melissa! Sara, Jake, and the kids look crazy gorgeous (as always). This could totally be a spread for J Crew:)

  5. What a great looking family and what wonderful pictures these are! New follower here and I'm Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

  6. i found you through changing lanes. love your blog. your family is gorgeous!


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