Monday, October 17, 2011

it's never too late...

all summer i had planned on making a swing in the back yard for the kids.  well, it's never too late, right???

last week we had summer weather (the temp was in the 90's) which reminded me of my swing making wishes, so the kids and i got on our swing making project.
 they love helping with the power drill...
(don't worry babe, we were super safe...promise).

i used a couple of different ideas from a couple of different sights on the how to and this sight for the knots...all super helpful.
here is my basic design.
totally makes sense right?  ha, ha.

 once the kids got tired of helping me they decided to make a little family out of the wooden plugs that came out of the holes that we drilled.
when we finally hung the swing and made our stand-up loop rope swing (or whatever it's called), the kids were beyond ready to try them out. 
  ella is my little acrobat...
she makes me a little nervous.
they have been on those 
so much since we made them.  

i'm so happy we didn't wait until next summer to make these.


  1. Looks like so much fun! And what a great memory for the kiddos to have. Love the little family they made!

  2. amazing as always and so does your site look amazing!!! got those pics. will see if there is something you can use. will email you.! :)

  3. Great job withe the swings. Reminds me of the swings I had growing up. And those pictures are amazing!

  4. the little plug family is the cutest!


  5. Oh I can't tell you how amazing those swings are -- what a fantastic summer project...hmmmm, I may have to add to my list for NEXT summer!

  6. Looks like so much fun! Seeing the kids makes me wish we were able to get together more often at the park.


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