Thursday, October 13, 2011

I carry him...

photo taken by ella

there isn't a day that goes by
 without this sweet boy reaching up
 and asking me to carry him.  
most of the time i can't. either my arms are full of all the things a mom must carry or else i am just physically not up for carrying this big boy.  
he is a big boy...
a big solid boy. 
my neck and my back feel every ounce of him.

but there are those times that i can.  

i carry him. 
his eyes light up and that gap toothed smile spreads across his face and my arms gather him up with ease.  he almost always lays his head on my shoulder even if it is just for a second.  he snuggles into my neck.  

i carry him.

there will be a day when he doesn't raise those little arms up to me anymore.


  1. It was about a year ago that I stopped being able to physically lift Tommy, until then I could still carry him upstairs to his bed if he fell asleep. It's kinda sad when that happens. We keep waiting for them to be independent, then when they are we want them to go back to being little.

  2. I always think about this. Our two year old is about 34 pounds now and oh boy, she's heavy. Still, I pick her up no matter how tired I am because I know that eventually she won't want me to hold her (and then I'll probably cry). This post is really sweet and I love the pic!

  3. this post and picture is so, so precious (i.e. irreplaceable). so sweet and a good reminder of how special our time with our littles and their "little needs/requests" are...


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