Thursday, December 22, 2011

tamale factory

yep, it was a factory...and we were only getting started.

last weekend i had so much fun helping make tamales with my family. 
 our family is BIG, so it's an all day affair in order to make enough to feed everyone.
we don't mess around...or i should say my grandma and my aunts don't mess around.
i showed up and production was already underway.
some of the lovely women: my grandma, aunt mary, aunt monica, and my mom.
these pictures are not the greatest because i just had to do a quick drive-by photography, click, click, back to work...ha,ha...i told you they are serious about the tamale making.
even one of my uncles got busy...i think he was the fastest masa spreader.
my cousin crystal, my cousin daniel and myself were the only ones representing our generation.

i love traditions and i want to keep this one alive in our family.

the best part about this day is that i actually got a copy of the recipe.
my grandma didn't really want to give it out, but i was sworn to secrecy to keep it in the family.
i have already had one or two (OK who am i kidding, i have probably already eaten close to a dozen) and they are super delicious.


  1. I love this!! My mom has been making tamales every Christmas since she was a child. It's such a wonderful tradition!!

  2. This looks so fun!! I love tamales but I've never made them. Looks like a wonderful way to spend the day with people you love. :)


  3. Tamales- what a wonderful tradtion! Chris' Aunt Care always says tamale day is her favorite day of the year because she gets to spend it with all of the women she loves. I'm sure you and your relatives feel the same way:)

  4. Meliss you are wonderful! I'm glad you had your camera (in spite of my complaints) to capture the day. It was fun. Grandma was a bit of a slave driver...I barely got a potty break and she kept yelling at us to stop talking! After you left we made many, many more! Sorry I didn't get to see again before I left. Next time Tim and I are both in town we will schedule a picture day. :) Love you and keep blogging about family stuff. It keeps the homesickness at bay. xoxo

  5. Loved seeing you also Crystal...that was such a fun time.

    Pics next time for sure!!


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